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GuideCover2018 15x197Philadelphia Futures’ Step Up to College Guide is the premier college guidance resource for Philadelphia’s high school students and their families, guidance counselors, teachers and youth-serving professionals.

Step Up to College resources are now available in the original print edition, on video, through social media and a free mobile app, which is available for download via the iPhone App Store and Google Play.


The 2018-2019 Step Up To College Guide

The Step Up to College Guide provides Philadelphia high school students, families and youth-serving professionals with a wide range of critical college information and resources — from understanding college admission options, to writing application essays, from conquering the FAFSA to making the right college “fit” decision. This year, 42,000 copies of Step Up to College will be distributed to public, public charter and parochial high school in Philadelphia, the Free Library of Philadelphia, government offices and community-based organizations. The Guide is available without cost to eliminate any barriers to access. 

Features of the 29th edition of Step Up to College include: 

  • a step-by-step approach to becoming college-ready and college-bound; 
  • robust, up-to-date resources and information on the college application and financial aid processes; 
  • highlights from five higher education graduates whose decision to go to college changed the trajectory of their lives; 
  • reflections from six recent Philadelphia high school graduates on what made their college choice the right "fit;" and 
  • easy-to-follow, grade-specific checklists and hands-on activities. 
To request copies of the Guide, please fill out this form.

The Free Step Up to College Mobile App

The Step Up to College mobile app provides students, families, and youth-serving professionals with enriched access to key components of the print edition of the Guide whenever and wherever needed. 

Interactive features of the mobile app include: 

  • a “fit” form to help students qualitatively and quantitatively compare schools’ academic, social and financial fit; 
  • the ability to record responded to questions asked on college visits; 
  • tools to help brainstorm, write and proofread college essays; 
  • a college cost calculator that allows students to analyze and compare financial aid offers; and 
  • the ability to track each step of the college admissions process. 

The Step Up to College mobile app can be downloaded via the iPhone App Store or Google Play

  Step Up To College Video Series and Powerpoint Presentations

The Step Up to College Video Series Trailer can be seen here.


#1  Preparing for College

This video covers the following steps in preparing for college:

  • Prepare Yourself Academically
  • Become a Well-Rounded Student
  • Impress for Success
  • Set Smart Goals
  • Assemble Your College Prep Team
  • Get Ready to Take Standardized Admissions Tests — Conquering the SAT and ACT
  • Make Your College Preparation Checklist     

#2  Understanding College Fit

This video covers the following steps to help students identify the colleges that are the right fit for them:

  • Understand “Fit”
  • Options for Continuing Your Education
  • Do “Fit” Research
  • Know Where You Stand
  • Put It All Together

#3  Applying to College

This video covers the following steps in the college application process:

  • Understand College Admission Options
  • Identify the Key Criteria for College Admissions
  • Review the Components of a College Application Package
  • Become Familiar with College-Specific Admission Requirements
  • Complete the Process

How to access the Step Up to College video series and PowerPoint presentations: 
To view the videos and PowerPoint presentations click on the icons shown above. To obtain a CD of the videos and PowerPoint presentations, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Step Up to College Social Media

Daily tweets and posts provide timely tips and links to important resources and information about the college-going process, including helpful websites, informative news articles and information about local college fairs and open houses. 

Use hashtag #StepUptoCollege

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Step Up to College is created and distributed by Philadelphia Futures. 

Step Up to College Questions? 
Contact or 215.790.1666 x424.